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Most of our niche tours go out on a private tour basis. This is the ultimate bespoke experience for your tour experience. To book one of our private tours or to get more information just fill out the contact form.


New Orleans Mafia History Tour

The New Orleans Mafia Tour takes you along the streets of the French Quarter where you will hear the stories of how control of the docks became a bloody business. The 2-hour walking tour explores the over 100 years of semi-organized crime flourished. 


JFK/Lee Harvey Oswald Conspiracy Tour

Go down the rabbit hole in this 2-hour walking tour that explores the Summer of 63. Visit sites from the Oliver Stone’s “JFK” movie, important places that Oswald lived and worked, and the places leading up to that fate Nov day. This walking tour explores both the CBD and the French Quarter while delving into the movements of Oswald while he was in New Orleans during the summer of ’63. The tour is the original Lee Harvey Oswald Conspiracy Tour personally researched by Rev Master Jeffrey himself. This tour also has props and historical artifacts that have been personally obtained by Jeffrey. 




The assassination of New Orleans police chief Hennessy
The Assassination of Police Chief Hennessy

New Orleans 101

This comprehensive 4-hour tour is the best tour for your first time to The Big Easy. This tour includes a basic French Quarter History tour, architecture, music and food history, as well as a break for a cup of gumbo and refreshments. This is a leisurely walking tour of the French Quarter that goes into more rich detail on the history and culture of New Orleans. This tour has a stop for a cup of gumbo at a famous French Quarter restaurant as well as a stop for a cocktail at a historic bar. Here you will learn about the “cocktail culture” and history of the drinks that New Orleans is so famous for.  

Women of New Orleans History Tour

This 2 hour leisurely walking tour is not a sappy chic flick but a celebration of the amazing women who built and shaped New Orleans. The tour goes into how and why women were so powerful here with the local laws and customs. You will hear stories about these incredible women who encompassed all aspects of social and economical levels, including enslaved women, a future Saint, a world famous restaurateur, a Baroness, and a madam with a key to the city among so many more.

French Quarter Architecture Tour

Enjoy a 2 hour leisurely walk through the streets of the French Quarter as you hear more about the unique buildings. Learn about the Spanish, Afro-Caribbean, and French influences that are the beauty of the French Quarter. This tour guides you along pointing out the features and styles of buildings as well as the stories of the people who designed and lived in these buildings.

French Quarter Gallery
French Quarter Gallery

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