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Your New Orleans experience should be the highlight of your trip, and we deliver that with our unique tours. Your walking tour will be led by a local expert with just your party which makes for an intimate setting. Don’t be just another face among strangers on larger tours where one can easily blend into crowds. Don’t walk away from your tour feeling like your not getting personal time with your guide or asking questions freely because there are so many people present.

The New Orleans tour you are looking for is here! With fewer people, your guide can provide a more personal experience. Your walking group will be limited to your group only giving you the safest and most personal tour possible. This way it’s easy to ask questions and hear what your guide has to say about the diverse and unique history of ‘The Big Easy’. Check out our available tours below to get your own unique New Orleans experience.
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Daily Tours

Small Groups: Maximum 8 ppl. per group.
For larger groups, please call for a private tour. $45 per person for a 2-hour walking tour.
Call 504 444 1539 

Linda Brigette famous New Orleans burlesque dancer on Bourbon Street

Strange True Tour
2 pm Daily

The original NSFW French Quarter walking tour that dared to talk about the taboo subjects of history. With over 300 years of history, the truth is always stranger than fiction. From madams and prostitutes to mafia and burlesque, no subject is off-limits in this 2-hour walking tour of the French Quarter.

Unofficial Anne Rice Tour
3 pm Daily

Explore Anne Rice’s New Orleans by visiting her homes and places where the books, film, and TV series took place. If you are an Anne Rice fan or enjoy her books and movies, then this tour will take you to the neighborhood that inspired her.

Private Tours

Personal, Private tour experiences.
$150 for 2 ppl. $50 for each additional guest.
Contact  504 444 1539 

Pirates Alley as seen on a ghost tourat night in the French Quarter of New Orleans as seen on many of our available tours

Ghosts, Legends, And Lore

With this 2-hour walking tour of the spookier side of the French Quarter, you will explore the haunted side of New Orlean’s history. Jeffrey, your private tour guide, will take you among the 300-year-old heart of the city as you hear about paranormal activity, true crime, and urban legends. Visit the Lalaurie Mansion, and hear about voodoo, hauntings, murders, and more!

Lee Harvey Oswald and the JFK assassination conspiracy propaganda

Oswald Conspiracy Tour

Go down the rabbit hole in this 2-hour walking tour about Lee Harvey Oswald. Few people realize that Oswald was a son of New Orleans and he returned home during the summer of 1963. This walking tour of the CBD and French Quarter explores where Lee was that summer and who he met. The tour also takes you to the scenes of Oliver Stones’ movie “JFK” about the local DA and his findings. The first tour to focus on Lee Harvey Oswald and the New Orleans connections to the fateful day in Dallas.

The Big Sleazy

The ultimate ‘sexual history’ tour of New Orleans. At the request of the World’s Largest Swingers Convention, we created the only proper sexual history tour available in the nation. Learn about the depraved Royal Bourbon family to our infamous ‘Storyville’ Red Light District, Bourbon Street burlesque and so much more.


Ultimate Experiences

An intimate New Orleans exploration with the experts!

“There are only three great cities in America, San Francisco, New York City, and New Orleans, everywhere else is just Cleveland.”
Tennessee Williams – Playwright

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