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Premier Walking Tours Of New Orleans
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Our Available Tours

Your New Orleans experience should be the highlight of your trip, and we deliver that with our available tours. Your walking tour will be led by a true local expert in smaller groups which makes for an intimate setting. Don’t be just another face among strangers on larger tours where one can easily blend into crowds. Don’t walk away from your tour feeling like your not getting personal time with your guide or asking questions freely because there are so many people present.

The New Orleans tour you are looking for is here! With fewer people, your guide can provide a more personal experience. Your walking group will be limited to 8 only – it’s easy to ask questions and hear what your guide has to say about the diverse and unique history of ‘The Big Easy’.
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Our Most Popular Tours

Check out our most popular tours. All of our available tours have been personally researched and written by your guide. No canned scripts or bland descriptions but fantastic storytellers who bring the people and events back to life.


Linda Brigette famous New Orleans burlesque dancer on Bourbon Street

Strange True Tour

The original NSFW French Quarter walking tour that dared to talk about the taboo subjects of history. With over 300 years of history, the truth is always stranger than fiction. From madams and prostitutes to mafia and burlesque, no subject is off-limits in this 2-hour walking tour of the French Quarter.


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The Garden District Tour

Enjoy a leisurely stroll among live oaks and magnolias in this 2.5 hr walking tour that includes the best cafe au lait in the city as well as fresh pastries. The Garden District is a beautiful uptown neighborhood that has some of the most beautiful architecture in the city. Stately Greek mansions and Victorian-era townhomes are an architecture lover’s dream. The shady sidewalks offer a comfortable tour as you go beyond architecture to hear the stories of the people who occupied the homes. Celebrities such as Sandra Bullock have homes in this historic neighborhood.

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Greek Neoclassical mansion as seen on our available tourin the Garden District of New Orleans
St Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square of the French Quarter of New Orleans

Unofficial Anne Rice Tour

Explore Anne Rice’s New Orleans by visiting her homes and places where the books, film, and TV series took place. If you are an Anne Rice fan or enjoy her books and movies, then this tour will take you to the neighborhood that inspired her.


Ghosts, Legends, And Lore

With this 2 hour walking tour of the spookier side of the French Quarter, you will explore the haunted side of New Orleans history. Jeffrey, your private tour guide, will take you among the 300 year old heart of the city as you hear about the paranormal activity, true crime, and urban legends. Visit the Lalaurie Mansion, hear about voodoo, hauntings, murders and more!

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Pirates Alley as seen on a ghost tour of the French Quarter

“There are only three great cities in America, San Francisco, New York City, and New Orleans, everywhere else is just Cleveland.”

Tennessee Williams


True Crime And Conspiracy Tours

Lee Harvey Oswald and the JFK assassination conspiracy propaganda

Lee Harvey Oswald Walking Tour

Go down the rabbit hole in this 2-hour walking tour about Lee Harvey Oswald. Few people realize that Oswald was a son of New Orleans and he returned home during the summer of 1963. This walking tour of the CBD and French Quarter explores where Lee was that summer and who he met. The tour also takes you to the scenes of Oliver Stones’ movie “JFK” about the local DA and his findings. The first tour to focus on Lee Harvey Oswald and the New Orleans connections to the fateful day in Dallas.


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New Orleans Mafia Private Tour

The only tour to concentrate on organized and disorganized crime in New Orleans. Jeffrey is the local expert on the rise and fall of the organizations that controlled much of New Orleans. From the rise on the docks to the heady days of Prohibition to an assassination of a police chief. This 2-hour walking tour takes you deep into the underworld of the French Quarter.


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Harper's Weekly about the assassination of Police Chief Hennessy

Specialty Bespoke Tours

Harper's Weekly of women at the French Opera House

Women of New Orleans History Private Tour

Not a sappy chick flick! This walking tour focuses on the feminine side of history and the contributions of women. Textbooks often overlook the contributions of women and their experiences, this tour helps to rectify this. Women in New Orleans had both advantages and disadvantages, as well as laws and societal expectations to overcome. You will hear the stories of women from all aspects of New Orleans society. From nobility to the enslaved and the Creole to American, all women had a story to tell. Join your guide Historian Jane as she leads you on an uplifting and inspiring tour of the Distaff of New Orleans.


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The Big Sleazy Private Tour

This unique walking tour was originally written for the world’s largest “swinger’s convention” but now is available. This 2-hour walking tour explores the sexual history of New Orleans. From the sexual appetites of the French family, New Orleans is named for, the history of prostitution, Storyville, the LBTQA+ community, burlesque, and everything sexy in between. Enjoy the sexier side of New Orleans in this unique walking tour of the French Quarter.


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Linda Brigette famous New Orleans burlesque dancer on Bourbon Street

Small-Group Tours Are The Safest And Best Way To See New Orleans

1. Easily Understand Your Guide

Don’t waste your precious money and time on a tour where you cannot even hear the guide! Small groups mean you will always hear your guide.

2. Avoid The Crowds

All tours are kept intentionally small. The smaller groups allow for a more intimate and enjoyable tour as well as being a safer tour experience. Do not share your tour with 20 other strangers all jostling to hear the guide. 

3. Expert Local Experts

You are guaranteed to have either Jane or Jeffrey has your guide. No faceless guide who is “next” to take a group out. Both Jane and Jeffrey are local historians, both are published authors, and both have been leading private and small group tours for years. 

Cornstalk Fence Hotel with their famous cast iron cornstalk fence on Royal Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans

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