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New Orleans Walking Tours
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New Orleans Walking Tours

Smaller Group Sizes For A More Memorable Tour of New Orleans

Your New Orleans experience should be as unique as the city itself. Your small-group tour of New Orleans allows you to explore all the city offers with an expert guide. Small groups are the best and safest way to tour New Orleans. Every small group, you will immerse yourself in over 300 years of history and culture that is New Orleans. Small group walking tours led by expert and fun guides allow you to have the most entertaining yet factual tour possible. You can explore in safety, the French Quarter and the Garden District with the local experts in New Orleans’ history.

Jackson Square during a festival

The Original Strange True Tour

The First French Quarter Tour To Go Into The NSFW Subjects Of New Orleans History

Wanting to go beyond the basic French Quarter tour and scripted ghost tours, the Strange True Tour was born. This walking tour of the French Quarter dives into the adult side of history. You will learn about the history of prostitution and the infamous “Storyville” district. How the mafia and burlesque of the 20th century transformed Bourbon Street into the “adult Disneyland” that it is today. You will learn about voodoo and Marie Leveau, as well as the music and food culture of New Orleans.

This is a 2-hour walking tour of the French Quarter of New Orleans. All walking tours are small-group tours limited to 8 people. By keeping the groups small, not only are you going to have a better tour experience, but it will also be a safe experience. 

Gen Andrew Jackson in Jackson Square of the French Quarter of New Orleans
St Louis Cathedral during a cloudy day in Jackson Square of New Orleans
Touchdown Jesus casts his shadow behind St Louis Cathedral in the French Quarter of New Orleans
Cornstalk Fence Hotel with their famous cast iron cornstalk fence on Royal Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans

Make Memories On Your New Orleans Walking Tour

You will make sharable memories that will last a lifetime. Your tour will immerse you into the heart of the incredible history of New Orleans. The French Quarter is home to the historic buildings with architecture not found anywhere else. Capture and hashtag your way through 300 years of history as your guide explains New Orleans unique past. You will want to keep your phone or camera handy so you can capture the memories of your New Orleans experience.

Immerse in 300 Years of History and Culture On One Of New Orleans Best Walking Tours

A Trip Back In Time

Explore The French Quarter

The French Quarter is the heart and soul of New Orleans. The beautiful buildings with their balconies and galleries dressed up in lacy ironwork. The tri-color flag of France flies proudly next to the fleur de lis of the Bourbon kings. The French Quarter reminds you of a quaint French town, with cafes and coffee shops next door to art galleries and antique stores. Colorful bars and world-famous restaurants lure you inside as the sounds of music fills the air.

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Architecture, Oaks, and Magnolias of the Garden District

No trip to New Orleans is complete without heading uptown to see the Garden District. This historic Uptown neighborhood has a different vibe than the French Quarter. Instead of French and Spanish architecture, the Garden District is purely American. Greek and Italian mansions share the block alongside colorful Victorian townhouses. The Garden District has beautiful live oaks and shady magnolia trees to make this walking tour an enjoyable year-round tour.

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Women’s History

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Your guide is an expert in their field, both are published authors on New Orleans history, and both are award-winning tour guides

Historian Jane leading a tour

Historian Jane

French Quarter and Garden District

The Axe Woman of Bourbon Street

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Historian Jane’s debut book about Evangeline the Oyster Girl and the woman behind the pearl. You will learn about the fight that was captured by “Life Magazine” This expose kicked off 15 years of “The Golden Era of Burlesque” in New Orleans.

The Axe Woman of Bourbon Street

Bourbon Street in New Orleans was a glamorous place with a long-held reputation for a good time. While the rest of America was getting more conservative, Bourbon Street became more salacious. Burlesque dancers filled the stages as live bands played to entice tourists inside the darkened bars. Evangeline the Oyster Girl was already a headling act in 1949, rising seductively out of her oyster shell, her erotic ballet filled the seats. Evangeline’s star continued to rise until a new act rolled into town. Divina the Aqua Tease also had a water theme to her act which was now going to take the spotlight off of Evangeline. Divina wanted to be the new headliner, but Evangeline had other plans. 

Rev Master Jeffrey posing after tour with the cast of Chicago Fire and Chicago PD

Rev Master Jeffrey

Vice and True Crime

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