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New Orleans Private Walking Tours

Strange True Tours

Home Of The Original Adult Themed French Quarter History Tour

New Orleans Best Private Walking Tours

Local Expert Guides

Your tour experience will be led by either Historian Jane or Rev Master Jeffrey. Both are published authors and experts in their fields of interest. You can be confident that your tour will be led by a well respect local expert who is also entertaining. 

Strange True Tours

Home of the original Strange True Tour, New Orleans first “adult” themed French Quarter history tour. 

French Quarter Experts

Both Jeffrey and Jane are experts in the history and culture of the French Quarter. Jane has been a guide for the Louisiana State Museum for several years. While Jeffrey has been a long time New Orleans and French Quarter resident. 

Private Walking Tours

Private tours are the best and safest way to have your New Orleans adventures. No sharing your tour with random strangers, only you and your guests. We take your safety seriously and adhere to all safety measures. 

Original Bespoke Tours

Go beyond canned scripts and cookie-cutter guides. Your tour has been personally researched and written by your guide. You can be confident that your tour is an original bespoke walking tour.

Strange True Tours

Strange True Tours is home of the original Strange True Tour, the first tour to focus on the more “adult” side of New Orleans history.

Historian Jane properly social distancing while in the French Quarter of New Orleans
Jackson Square looking at St Louis Cathedral

The Original Adult Themed History Tour

Strange True Tour

The tour that started it all. Jeffrey and Jane were looking for an entertaining tour that was not a scripted ghost tour. The average French Quarter tour was not discussing the more strange side of New Orleans. Thus the Strange True Tour was born. This 2-hour walking tour of the French Quarter dives into adult subject matters such as sex, drugs/alcohol, crime, and other adult subjects. This tour is PG13 for adult language and situations.

2-Hour French Quarter Walking Tour

Enjoy the French Quarter as it sets the backdrop for over 300 years of unique and strange history.

Well-Researched Private Tour

Your tour has been personally researched and written by your guide. This is your private French Quarter adventure, no strangers sharing your experience. This is your private tour.

Award Winning Tour Guides

Both Historian Jane and Rev Master Jeffrey have received awards and mentions. This includes both Jane and Jeffrey making the semifinals at the International Tourguide Throwdown. Out of 300+ guides, both Jane and Jeffrey made the top 24 semifinalists. Strange True Tours is the only company to have 2 guides make the semifinals. 

New Orleans Best Private Walking Tours

New Orleans is a unique town and so should your tour experience! Be confident that your tour will be the best and safest walking tour possible. 

Greek Neoclassical mansion in the Garden District of New Orleans
Brass band leads a 2nd line in the French Quarter of New Orleans
Beautiful corner wrap around gallery in the French Quarter of New Orleans

Original Bespoke Private Walking Tours

Your New Orleans Awaits

New Orleans is one of America’s oldest cities with over 300 years of unique culture. With history and culture this deep there is so much to see and experience while here. Your guides are both long term locals with deep ties to the city and her culture. Explore New Orleans with a local friend over whatever guide is “up next”.

New Orleans Original Private Walking Tours

Why Tour With Strange True Tours?

Pianist plays at night in the French Quarter of New Orleans

With so many tour choices it is, we want to earn your trust. We offer safe private tours that adhere to all COVID best practices. We also offer New Orleans the best original bespoke tours available with a variety of subjects that go beyond the basic tour experience. 

The French Quarter Experts

Explore the  French Quarter with the local experts who have deep ties to the city, her history, and culture. Both Jane and Jeffrey are passionate ambassadors of their city.

Experts In Private Tours

Jeffrey and Jane have been the leaders in promoting small groups and private tours of New Orleans. They are both comfortable with the more intimate experience that private tours offer.

Go Beyond Basic Tours

Jeffrey and Jane are both researchers who offer tours that go beyond the basics to include the deeper parts of history and the people who make the culture possible. 

New Orleans Is A Photographer's Playground

Jeffrey is a professional photographer who has photographed some of the world’s most dangerous events. From off-shore powerboat racing to photographing weddings, Jeffrey has the eye to get the best lighting for the most shares and likes. 

Published Authors

Both Jeffrey and Jane have published books and articles on the history and culture of New Orleans. Be confident that your tour will be the well researched and entertaining. 

Museum Connections

Jane has a degree in history and has spent much of her life leading tours for various museums across the country. Jane has been a Louisiana State Museum guide for several years and is an active member of local historical organizations. 

Public Speakers

Jeffrey has been a featured speaker at the Dallas Symposium on the Assassination of JFK. He also has been the official tour guide to the New Orleans Conference on Lee Harvey Oswald. Jane has spoken at civic and historical organizations. 

Be Strange Not A Stranger
Touchdown Jesus casts his shadow behind St Louis Cathedral in the French Quarter of New Orleans

Don’t Be A Stranger 

Contact Us

We are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your New Orleans adventure. We are available by phone, text, or email to answer your questions. Need help with restaurant or music options? We will help you find the perfect places to experience New Orlean’s culture. 

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Books And Blogs

Check out the books written by Strange True Tours own, Jeffrey and Jane. These books have been written by Jeffrey and Jane and are available for purchase from Amazon

Also, check out the blogs about New Orleans history, architecture, and the incredible people who have built and preserved New Orleans and her culture. 

The Axe Woman of Bourbon Street Jane Delacour first book
The Axe Woman of Bourbon Street book cover by Jane Delacour

Oswald's New Orleans

The definitive guidebook to Lee Harvey Oswald and his connections to New Orleans 

The Axe Woman of Bourbon Street

Two burlesque dancers vie for one stage in this retelling of the infamous event on Bourbon Street

The Cornstalk Fence Blog

Our most popular blog as Historian Jane breaks down the legend and facts behind this beautiful and unique fence


Top 10 List Of Things To Do

Get off the beaten path in this Top 10 List of Things To Do while vising New Orleans

Meet Your Guides

Historian Jane Delacour

Historian Jane

Historian Jane is a USAF Gulf War vet, degreed historian, tour guide, researcher, and writer. She is passionate about women of history, architecture, and colonial New Orleans. 

Rev Master Jeffrey at Marie Leveau's tomb with Scott Putesky aka Daisy Berkowitz of Marilyn Manson

Rev Master Jeffrey

Rev Master Jeffrey is a photographer and researcher on true crime and vice of New Orleans. Jeffrey is the local expert on Lee Harvey Oswald and the history of New Orleans organized crime.

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Featured Expeditions

Here are our available tours, all tours are available on a private tour basis. All of our tours are walking tours led by either Historian Jane or Rev Master Jeffrey who personally researched their own tours. Strange True Tours offers original bespoke private tours of New Orleans. 

St Louis Cathedral in the afternoon

Strange True Tour

Original Adult Themed French Quarter History Tour

Greek Neoclassical mansion in the Garden District of New Orleans

Garden District Tour

A shady stroll in the historic Uptown neighborhood filled with unique architecture and history.

Lee Harvey Oswald and the JFK assassination conspiracy propaganda

Oswald Conspiracy Tour

Follow in the footsteps of Lee Harvey Oswald as you learn what Oswald was doing in New Orleans during that fateful summer.

French flag in Jackson Square with St Louis Cathedral in the background

French Quarter Walking Tour

A historical tour about the history, architecture, and culture of the French Quarter

Harper's Weekly of women at the French Opera House

Women's History Tour

Learn about the badass women who made New Orleans and shaped the French Quarter

Harper's Weekly about the assassination of Police Chief Hennessy

New Orleans Mafia Tour

The rise and fall of organized and disorganized crime in New Orleans

Linda Brigette famous New Orleans burlesque dancer on Bourbon Street

The Big Sleazy Tour

The only tour to focus on the sexual history of New Orleans

Cornstalk fence Col Short's Villa

Combination Tour

Mix or match tours for a custom tour experience

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