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Explore over 300 years of the unique history of New Orleans on one of the best walking tours. The original NSFW French Quarter history tour, the Strange True Tour explores over 300 years of New Orleans behaving well, like New Orleans! Is architecture more your style? Take a shady stroll in the Garden District. Or are ghosts, witches, and vampires more your speed? You can explore the haunted history of the French Quarter or the Garden District. 

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One Time In New Orleans mural as seen on the best walking tour of New Orleans

Our Most Popular New Orleans Walking Tours

Garden District Walking Tour

$75 Private

Strange True Tour

NSFW History Tour

$75 Private

Unofficial Anne Rice Tour

Garden District

$45 Public Small Group 

Ghost Tour

French Quarter

$75 Private

Why Choose Us?

Long-time locals who are experts in their fields of interest. Your guide is a published author and has been a licensed tour guide for over a decade. This is why we are confident you will enjoy New Orleans best walking tours.

Why Choose A Private Tour?

There are many reasons to choose a private tour but here are why many of our guests have taken a private tour:

Traveling With Friends And Family

This way you can choose who you want to spend your vacation with. Instead of facing all the unknowns that go along with traveling with a group of strangers, private tours let you travel with your friends and family. This enables everyone on the tour to just focus on sharing a memorable experience and not jostling for space with a large group of strangers.

Avoid crowds

Small group private tours let you practice more socially distanced travel. This is not only a benefit for people concerned about COVID, but also for anyone who wants to just relax in the company of people they know in private accommodation, such as booking all the rooms in a small B&B, and on private transportation.

Choose your adventure

A customized private tour lets you choose exactly what you want to do and where you want to go. The group can agree on the itinerary in advance, with help from us to let you concentrate on having fun. Pre-packaged private tours also let you choose the ideal trip for your small group.

Get off the beaten track

A private tour makes it easier for a small group to visit destinations and attractions a little more off the beaten track. If you are looking to make your Instagram the envy of all those left behind, a private tour is the best way to capture the perfect shot or selfies on New Orleans best walking tours. Are you a group of friends or families looking to reconnect after COVID with a memorable, once-in-a-lifetime trip? Then a private tour will make you the hero of the holiday.

Save money

Small groups allow your group to experience one-in-a-lifetime events but allow you to spread the cost among more people.

Let the tour operator handle the details

A huge benefit of smaller group private tours is that we take care of all the details. A private tour allows you to have a memorable experience without you having to do all the research and legwork. This allows you to enjoy the tour as much as your friends and family.


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New Orleans Best Walking Tours

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Other Available Tours

You want to experience New Orleans best walking tours and that is what we offer. Your New Orleans tour will be a unique experience, you can be confident that your guide personally researched and wrote their tour to let their New Orleans eccentric personalities to shine.

Linda Brigette famous New Orleans burlesque dancer on Bourbon Street

Linda Brigette – Burlesque

The Big Sleazy

 A very NSFW experience that takes you through over 300 years of the sexual history of New Orleans. 

Lee Harvey Oswald of JFK conspiracy

Lee Harvey Oswald – Conspiracy

Oswald/JFK Assassination

Find out more about the Summer of 1963 and New Orleans’s connections to the assassination of JFK.

Harper's Weekly of women at the French Opera House

Women At The Opera – History

Women's History Tour

Learn about the women who shaped New Orleans into the incredible city that she is.

Published Authors

‘The Axe Woman Of Bourbon Street’

Learn what happened on an October night in 1949 when two burlesque dancers compete to be the headliner. Find out what happened when one woman had an axe to grind.

‘The Guidebook To Lee Harvey Oswald In New Orleans’

Jeffrey Holmes takes you to explore the life of Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans. From his birth to the summer of 1963, find out who Oswald was with and where he was at that fateful summer.

Our Testimonial

Don’t just take our word, see what others had to say about their New Orleans experience with Jeffrey and Jane. From NYT best-selling authors and celebrities. See why when celebrities and writers are in New Orleans, they go on New Orleans best walking tours.

“Jeffrey was, quite simply, one of the best tour guides I’ve ever met. He mixes a deep love for the city with a passion for truth and history. My Strange True Tour experience was so perfect that I want to work my way through every tour he offers–and take any new ones he develops. Book with Strange True Tours. No one is better.”

Melissa Marr

Multiple NYT best-selling author

“Strange True Tours New Orleans is a guided stroll down the dirty alleys of America’s most fascinating city with a guide who knows the score and will cut you into the action.”

Matthew Randazzo V

Author of Mr. New Orleans

“The real deal”

Daisy Berkowitz

Founding Member of Marilyn Manson

13 Strange And Unusual Places To See In New Orleans

13 Strange And Unusual Places To See In New Orleans

The 15 Best New Orleans Walking Tours

Take on the Big Easy with a stroll through its streets.

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