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Jane and Jeffrey are more than your typical tour guide, they are both historians who are deeply passionate about their city. Both Jane and Jeffrey are award-winning guides that have been featured in dozens of articles, magazines, and news/television. Jeffrey and Jane are who the experts go to when in New Orleans from NYT best-selling authors to researchers and news organizations. How about celebrities? We’ve had those too! Actors from ‘That 70’s Show’, ‘Chicago Fire/PD’, to ‘Lost’ and more. What about producers? We got you covered with Adam McKay.  Check out the ‘experts experts’ with a tour with Jane or Jeffrey.

Gen Andrew Jackson in Jackson Square of the French Quarter of New Orleans

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Statue of Andrew Jackson at night in Jackson Square of New Orleans

Your Tour Guides

The Local Experts On New Orleans History

New Orleans has over 300 years of strange, bizarre, and downright unusual history. From our food and 2nd Line Culture to sex and burlesque, New Orleans has a history as diverse as its population. Jeffrey and Jane have done the research necessary to bring you a top-rated and educational tour experience. Your guide is a published author and well respected in their fields of study. You can be secure in that your tour experience will be the best less of a tour and more of exploring the city with an educated friend.

Rev Master Jeffrey

Rev Master Jeffrey

Lee Harvey Oswald and New Orleans Mafia Expert



Jeffrey is the local expert on Lee Harvey Oswald, the New Orleans mafia/organized crime, and true crime. Jeffrey has been a long-time New Orleans resident, Katrina first responder, c0-founder of the St Claude Arts  District, and “tour guide to the stars”. When best-selling authors and Hollywood insiders want a tour of New Orleans, Jeffrey has been the guide of choice. Jeffrey’s decades-long connections to the city have made him a local expert on music, food, and culture.

    • JFK Assassination Conference Dallas Tx 2018 2019 2021
    • New River Inn & Museum  Fort Lauderdale FL
    • Loyola University New Orleans LA
    • Sons of the American Revolution Fort Lauderdale FL
    • Patriots & Founders of America New Orleans LA

The New Orleans Guidebook to Lee Harvey Oswald

Seen In: 
  • Newsy
  • Conde Nast Top 10 ‘Oswald Tour’
  • Atlas Obscura ‘Marie Leveau Tour’
  • International Tour Guide Competition Finalist
  • Official Tour of the LHO Conference New Orleans
Historian Jane

Historian Jane

Women's History, Burlesque, Vice

Historian Jane is a trained historian and researcher with a degree in Military History. She has channeled the degree to now concentrate on New Orleans and early French history. Jane is the local expert on the history of women in New Orleans. While researching the role of women in New Orleans, she found that sex and “The World’s Oldest Profession” made a major impact on the city. When Jane isn’t researching, she can be found riding her horse or knitting/crocheting in her neighborhood of the Marigny.


American Historical Association


AHA Roundtable: New Orleans Cemeteries: Past, Present, and Future

  • New River Inn & Museum Fort Lauderdale FL
  • Loyola University New Orleans LA
  • Friends of the Cabildo Tour Guide Association


  • Axe Woman of Bourbon St
  • Medium
  • Various blogs/articles


Seen In:
  • Newsy
  • International Tour Guide Competition Finalist
  • OnBoard Airline Magazine

Published Authors

Both Jeffrey and Jane are published authors. You can be confident that your tour is led by a local expert who knows their material. Jane’s book is about the events surrounding 1949 and a public fight between two burlesque dancers. The event kicked off 15 years of the “Golden Age” of New Orleans burlesque.

Jeffrey is the local expert on the life of Lee Harvey Oswald and his whereabouts during the fateful summer of 1963. Oswald was in his hometown of New Orleans that summer, the guidebook follows Lee to where he lived, worked, and meet up with others. Go down the rabbit hole of the JFK conspiracy in the one-of-its-kind guidebook to Oswald and New Orleans. 


Private Bespoke Walking Tours Of New Orleans

Our Available Tours

Jeffrey and Jane are the New Orleans experts who offer bespoke private walking tours. Jeffrey and Jane have published books about the history of New Orleans. They are both well respected in their fields of interest. 

Local Expert Tour Guides

The Leaders In Bespoke Private Tours

Both Historian Jane and Rev Master Jeffrey made the semifinals at the International Tour Guide Throwdown sponsored by Rezdy Booking Experiences. Over 300 tour guides from around the globe entered the contest. Jeffrey and Jane both made the semifinals, the only couple to make the semi-finals. This made Strange True Tours the only tour company to have 2 guides make the semifinals. 

Touchdown Jesus casts his shadow behind St Louis Cathedral in the French Quarter of New Orleans

Small Group Tours

All tours are in small groups limited to no more than 10. This makes your tour the safest and most entertaining tour available. No sharing your tour with large groups of strangers. 

French Quarter

The French Quarter sets the backdrop for most of our tours. The French Quarter is yours to explore with your own local expert to share the culture of this vibrant city.

Local Experts

Both Jane and Jeffrey are respected local experts who have published books and articles on the history of New Orleans.

Personal Private Tours

Looking to have it all? A Personal Private tour allows you to pick and chose the subjects you are most interested in. This combines the best of all of our tour offerings.

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All of our tours are private tours only, this means you and your “pod” are the only ones on the tour. No sharing with strangers!

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