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Lee Harvey Oswald Conspiracy Tour

The Original JFK Assassination Conspiracy Walking Tour

Go Down The Rabbit Hole Of The JFK Assassination Conspiracy

Album cover Inca propaganda album featuring Lee Harvey Oswald

A 2.5-hour walking tour of the Central Business District and French Quarter. Local expert Jeffrey will lead you along the same streets as Lee Harvey Oswald as you hear about Oswald’s ties to New Orleans. Jeffrey has done the research and brings along historical objects, propaganda, and other props to explore deeper Oswald’s ties to the city. Oswald was here during the summer of 1963, learn who he met with and where he met in this original tour of Oswald. 

Original Artifacts

From the private collection of Strange Tours, you will see the research Jeffrey has conducted. From propaganda records and “Hands Off Cuba” flyers, Jeffrey has done the legwork to find these unique objects.  

Mugshot in New Orleans of Lee Harvey Oswald
Guidebook to Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans

Oliver Stone’s “JFK” Movie

Jeffrey’s tour includes stops at the sites of filming for Oliver Stone’s groundbreaking movie, “JFK”. From Lafayette Square and the scene of “the epiphany” to Napoleon House and more. The movie focus is on local DA Jim Garrison and his task force that investigated Lee Harvey Oswald. 

Local Expert

Jeffrey is the local expert who wrote the book on Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans. Jeffrey has been the official tour guide for the Lee Harvey Oswald Conference in New Orleans. Jeffrey has also been a featured speaker at the JFK Assassination Symposium in Dallas. Jeffrey is the expert on Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans. 

Jeffrey Holmes on tour with alleged girlfriend of Lee Harvey Oswald

Your Private Walking Tour

Jeffrey will be your guide on this guided walking tour. This private tour starts in the Central Business District at Lafayette Square and ends in the French Quarter.

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