Jackson Square during a festival

Top 10 Things To Do In New Orleans

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New Orleans is a city that has so much going on with over 300 years of history, food, music, and culture. With so much to see and do, it can overwhelm on how to make the most of your New Orleans experience. This list is to help you check off the “must-see/do” while you are on your first trip to New Orleans. This blog will cover the top 10 things to see on your first trip to New Orleans. This Top 10 list also can help the seasoned traveler with some alternative ideas to enjoy New Orleans. So let’s dive in!

1. Have A Pimm’s Cup

A stop by Napoleon House to enjoy a Pimm’s Cup is a great way to start off your trip. Napoleon House is on the National Historic Registry and the home of the Pimm’s Cup. A refreshing gin and fruit cocktail that has been a great way to cool off on a warm day. Feeling adventurous? Try the “Seasonal” Pimm’s Cup! The fruit is fresh for the season, making this cocktail different throughout the year. One of the oldest restaurants in the city, Napoleon House has beautiful courtyard seating.

Jackson Square during festival season in the French Quarter of New Orleans

2. Jackson Square

No trip to New Orleans is complete without a stop in Jackson Square. The St Louis Cathedral is the focal point to Jackson Square with the Cabildo and Presbytere on her sides.


The square went from being a military parade ground to now a beautiful park. Jackson on a rearing horse tips his hat to the Upriver Pontalba building. The sculptor Miles Clark designed the first rearing horse statue in history. No other sculpture prior had pulled off the feat, making this a unique piece of art history.

3. Eat a Po’Boy and a Muffuletta

Every town has its own unique sandwich, which means New Orleans has to give the world 2. The Po Boy and the muffuletta are New Orleans gifts to the world of sandwiches. The Po Boy comes in many flavors from fried seafood, to roast beef smothered in gravy. The po boy comes down to the bread. It is the unique French bread that soaks up the juices, yet sturdy enough to not fall apart. The Po Boy is a must-have as you visit the city.

Next up in the sandwich category is the muffuletta. Mr. Salvadore Lupo of Central Grocery invented the sandwich in 1906. The rounded seeded bread bursts with the flavor from the deli meats, cheese, and olive spread. The delicious sandwich comes served as a whole, half, or quarter slices.

4. Bike Tour

Bicycle is one of the best ways to visit New Orleans. New Orleans is best explored by bike as her flat topography makes biking the top way to see the buildings and neighborhoods.

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The Lafitte Greenway and many miles of bike lanes are why biking is how many locals get around town. Buzz Nola is the top-rated bike tour according to TripAdvisor, with both bike tours and bike rentals. Buzz Nola also offers e-bikes for your biking pleasure.

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5. Museums

New Orleans museums are open and ready for guests. The Louisiana State Museum system has the Cabildo and The Presbytere museums open and the beautiful 1850 House. The New Orleans Pharmacy Museum is an incredible place to see 19th century medicine at its finest. NOMA and the Sculpture Garden are also open to visitors.

6. Cornstalk Fence Hotel

This beautiful cornstalk fence is the stuff of legends. The legend involves a homesick bride and heavy metal; the truth involves a doctor, his daughters, and even a Princess. I wrote a blog about this so you can enjoy this fence (and the other examples) around the city.


Cornstalk Fence Hotel with their famous cast iron cornstalk fence on Royal Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans

7. Brennan’s-Red Fish Grill

No trip to New Orleans is complete without “fancy dress dinner” at the world-famous Brennan’s restaurant. The location on Royal St is the jewel of the Brennan empire, with the location on Bourbon being more casual of the Brennan’s experience. The Brennan family is the 3rd oldest restauranteur family in the city.

8. City Park

City Park is the largest city park in the country. The park also is self-supported without the benefit of taxation. The park is home to the beautiful NOMA Museum and Sculpture Garden. The park has a beautiful green scape that has a lake with paddleboats available for rent. City Park hosts festivals such as Voodoo Music Fest and Celebration in the Oaks holiday spectacular. Weddings, family reunions people enjoying the parks other many amenities.

City Park also has a Cafe DuMonde to get your beignet and coffee while enjoying the beautiful outdoors.


Bridge in City Park of New Orleans
Bayou in City Park of New Orleans

9. Audubon Zoo and Aquarium

The Audubon Zoo in Audubon Park is a beautiful zoo that has undergone many upgrades. The improvements include a new elephant house and a lion exhibit.

The Aquarium at the foot of Canal Street is a great way to spend the day as the aquarium showcases the native species of Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico. The shark exhibit is awe-inspiring with the jellyfish and even seahorses dance in their exhibits.

Sign outside entrance of Armstrong Park in New Orleans

10. Louis Armstrong Park

Congo Square and the Jazz Park and the Mahalia Jackson auditorium. Nestled behind the French Quarter is the beautiful Louis Armstrong Park. The park gets its name from the amazing Jazz musician and entertainer Louis Armstrong. The park has undergone incredible change over the centuries. It once hosted Marie Laveau and her voodoo rituals, now many festivals make their home there.


Once you have explored New Orleans take our French Quarter tour to hear nearly 300 years of history or the Strange True Tour to explore the more unusual side of New Orleans history.