The Big Sleazy
A Sexual History Tour

The Big Sleazy
New Orleans True Sexual History Tour

The first tour to explore the sexy side of New Orleans history.
This 2-hour walking tour was originally written for the world’s largest swinger’s convention Naughty N’Awlins. The convention is held every year in July and is billed as the largest swinger’s convention in the world.
The tour is a 2-hour is led by both Jeffrey and Jane as they lead you through over 300 years of sexual history of New Orleans.
This tour of the French Quarter takes you through the history of sex and New Orleans. From the early history of the French settlers to the modern day, you will learn about how sex shaped the Big Easy. The tour is an R/X Rated tour as this tour has sex, prostitution, LGBTQ+, burlesque, and adult language.

Private, Personal 2-Hour Walking Tour
$150 – 2 ppl. $50 Each additional person.

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The French Quarter sets the background for this sexy tour about the naughty side of New Orleans.
This tour is an R/X-rated tour that goes into the sexual history of New Orleans.
This is a private tour. Remember, when in New Orleans, always go Strange!


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Above: The ‘Penis Balcony’.
Left: Jeffrey and Jane with World-Renowned Sexologist
Den Temin, Sexplore.

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