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The French Quarter of New Orleans is the heart and soul of the city. With over 300 years of history, architecture, and people being people, the history of the French Quarter is as diverse as her people. In this French Quarter walking tour, you will learn about the people who have made New Orleans home. Hear the stories of the people who have shaped the city of New Orleans making the city one of the top ports of debarkation for immigrants.

This 2- hour leisurely walking tour of the French Quarter is not the typical French Quarter tour. Your guide Historian Jane has a degree in history and has been a tour guide with the Louisiana State Museum for almost 10 years. Jane is a published author on the history of New Orleans, with an active blog on the history of New Orleans and the Bourbon family of France. This makes your guide the local expert in New Orleans history. This deep background in history and museum experience means you will hear the history of New Orleans that is not on other typical French Quarter history tours.

French flag in Jackson Square with St Louis Cathedral in the background

Experience The French Quarter With A Local Expert


As you walk along the banquettes of this historic neighborhood, you notice that the French Quarter still keeps much of its “neighborhood” feel. Neighbors greeting neighbors, corner stores selling po boys and “hot plate” lunches, as locals head to and from their destinations. The French Quarter is a true, living neighborhood and not a state park, and she still keeps some of that feeling. Churches and schools share the block with homes and businesses as life in the Quarter still hums along as much as she has for the last 300 years.

The European feel of the French Quarter is because of the building codes implemented in the 1790s and is one of the primary draws to New Orleans. The French Quarter was the first place immigrants entering the city via the port would disembark. From there, the immigrants would migrate to other neighborhoods, but they left their mark on the buildings they left behind. Your French Quarter tour goes beyond basic architecture and oversimplified history of the city. Your tour will dive deep into the lives of the people who built, lived, and died in the French Quarter. You will learn how disease and fire shaped the French Quarter and see the famous sites of the French Quarter. From the iconic Jackson Square to the tales of the Cornstalk Fence, to how New Orleans was the birthplace of the first American Princess of Monaco. Your French Quarter tour will also discuss our food and music culture as you hear the stories of New Orleans’ cuisine and cocktails.

Historian Jane leading a tour

Tour With Confidence And Safety

Your tour of the French Quarter will be a small-group walking tour of no more than 8 people in a group, This allows you to have the safest and most enjoyable tour experience possible. So when it is time to book your French Quarter walking tour experience, you can be confident that your tour with Strange True Tours will be the best tour possible.

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All of our tours are small group tours, this makes your tour experience both safe and entertaining. No sharing a guide with over 20 strangers. We take your safety seriously, we want you to have the safest and most entertaining tour experience possible.

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