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New Orleans Mafia Tour

A 2-hour Walking Tour About  New Orleans Organized Crime

Walking Tour About The Organized And True Crime Of New Orleans

Harper's Weekly article about the assassination of New Orleans police chief Hennessey

True Crime And The Truth About Organized Crime

New Orleans has always had a reputation for unsavory and tragic events. From her early days as a colonial port to modern times, New Orleans has had an image of danger and crime. In this 2-hour walking tour of the French Quarter, you will hear the stories of how New Orleans was fertile ground for organized and disorganized crime. The Founding Fathers brought their friends and family with them for new opportunities. This was the start of cronyism and nepotism that has become almost a trope in Hollywood.

No Other Tour Like It

Jeffrey is an expert on local organized crime. Jeffrey has done years of research on how organized and disorganized crime came to be in New Orleans.


Album cover from Inca propaganda about Lee Harvey Oswald
Harper's Weekly about the assassination of Police Chief Hennessy

From The Docks To Bourbon Street

Organized crime as we think of it today got its start on the docks of the port. Control of the port was essential at the beginning with Prohibition around the corner. Illegal alcohol and gambling soon made Bourbon Street the focal point of activity.

Shots Rang Out

And in broad daylight the police chief of New Orleans was dead. Learn how the assassination of Police Chief Hennessey brought the attention of the world to New Orleans as the term “mafia” was used for the first time.¬†

Harper's Weekly article about the assassination of New Orleans police chief Hennessey

Your Private True Crime Experience

Follow Jeffrey as he leads you through the French Quarter in this 2-hour true-crime experience. While Al Capone and other “Gangs of New York” captivated America, New Orleans crime families just concentrated on making money. By keeping a low profile the various factions were able to build an illegal enterprise that still has influence in New Orleans.

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