The Garden District Tour

Garden District Walking Tour

This New Orleans Historic Garden District Walking Tour highlights the American settlement and their beautiful homes, gardens, wealth, and how life in New Orleans was never the same after the arrival of the Americans after the Louisiana Purchase. This multifaceted tour includes the unique history of our incredible city, culture, and architecture. The American’s early settlements, lavish lifestyles, and immense wealth are obvious as we walk through this opulent and super astonishing neighborhood.

Daily @ 10 am
$45 per person
Small group tours 8 ppl. maximum
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 A relaxing 2-hour Garden District walking tour under the shady live oaks and magnolias that line the sidewalks is a ‘must-do’ on your trip to New Orleans.  This historic neighborhood is a feast for the senses. You will be surrounded by beautiful homes that boast stunning columns, stately Greek and Italian features, as well as attractive Victorian-era homes.

Your experience starts at The Chicory House with the best cafe au lait in the city. You will join your guide to explore this beautiful neighborhood where you will see Eastlake trim and brightly colored homes that have been enjoyed by photographers and artists alike. They have used this historic background that these charming homes have provided for generations. Architecture lovers will be amazed at the incredible variety of homes in the Garden District as well as the home of one of the highest concentrations of Neo-Classical architecture in the nation.

Beautiful mansion on the Garden District walking tour

The flowering trees and plants lend a coy perfume to the air as the gardens of this remarkable neighborhood live up to expectations in our subtropical environment. Butterflies dance in the air as they fly between the flowering jasmine and magnolias that make walking through this neighborhood such a joyful experience. 

Your Garden District walking tour also stops by the historic Lafayette #1 above-ground cemetery. You will learn about why we bury above ground and how our unique style of burial works.

Photography Safari


This walking tour goes behind the architecture to discuss the people and the period the home was built. This beautiful neighborhood is a photographer’s dream. Your guide is photographer-friendly so you can get the best shot possible. This neighborhood sets a beautiful background for social media posts. The extraordinary homes are all you need to make sharable memories of your experience.

Greek Revival Mansion in the Garden District of New Orleans

Celebrity Homes

Many celebrities have called the Garden District home for over a century. Modern celebrities such as Sandra Bullock and John Goodman currently have homes in the Garden District. The famous author Anne Rice had more than one and even Nicholas Cage found a home here that caught his eye. You will see these homes and more as you walk among the unparalleled beauty.

The Benjamin Button House in the Garden District of New Orleans Nell Nolan


The Garden District is famous for its stately Greek Mansions. The neighborhood also has an incredible variety of Victorian-era townhomes. This Uptown neighborhood saw almost continued growth and construction unchecked until the 1970s. This is when the neighborhood received its historic designation, which regulates construction and repairs to maintain the neighborhood’s distinct personality. 

The Benjamin Button House in the Garden District of New Orleans Nell Nolan

Jane will be your personal guide as you take a leisurely walk through the Garden District. Along the way, you will learn not just about the architecture, but the people who lived and died in this historic neighborhood. You will learn why it was called “The American District”, how the St Charles Streetcar became a national monument, and even about a restaurant dynasty. This tour also includes a stop by the Lafayette #1 cemetery where you will learn about the burial customs of New Orleans. The history of the Lafayette #1 is as rich and diverse as the city itself.

Historian Jane Delacour

10 am Daily
8 ppl. maximum
$45 per person.
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