The Strange True Tour

New Orleans Original Adult History
French Quarter Walking Tour

New Orleans isn’t a cookie-cutter town and neither should your tour be!
Go beyond scripted and crowded ghost tours and take a private tour of the stranger side of New Orleans.
The Strange True Tour is a 2-hour walking tour that takes you through more than 300 years of bad behavior and “only in New Orleans” events. Learn about how New Orleans came to be known as a city known for a good time.
You will hear stories about the history of legal and not-so-legal prostitution, burlesque, pirates, family intrique and more.
All of this and more as the culture of food and music sets the background.  Come join us on your private French Quarter experience in this adult-themed walking tour.

Daily @ 4 pm
2 Hour Walking Tour
$45 per person
8 ppl. maximum

504 444 1539

Street art of Louis Armstrong on Frenchmen's Street in New Orleans

Created in 2011, Jeffrey and Jane were seeking out new and interesting history of New Orleans beyond the same familiar stories.
Influenced by the Red-Light history, Burlesque, Mafia, and Pirates, to discovering old family intrigue and beyond.
Our first thought was, Why is no one doing these stories of New Orleans?!
Strange True is our signature tour and our personal favorite as well.
Take a peek behind the curtains in this fun ‘adult’ history tour with a New Orleans expert and author.

Above: The wrought iron balcony design is known as a ‘Cannon and 2 Shots’.
Left: Copy of a brothel license from 1857.

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