Ghosts, Legends, and Lore of New Orleans

Private Ghost Tours

No trip to New Orleans is complete without enjoying a ghost tour of the French Quarter.
New Orleans is considered the most haunted city in America, and we have the stories to prove it!
With over 300 years of disasters, disease, fire, and true crime it has given rise to paranormal events.
You will hear the stories of hauntings and paranormal activity in this 2-hour  walking tour of the French Quarter.
Your guide Jeffrey will be your guide to all things paranormal. You will hear the classic stories about the Lalaurie Mansion, voodoo,
Marie Laveau, and more. Jeffrey loves to include personal tales of paranormal activity in the French Quarter
as he once ran a New Orleans haunted B&B.


Pirates Alley as seen on a ghost tourat night in the French Quarter of New Orleans

From the set of ‘American Horror Story-Coven’ TV series.
Royal Street in the French Quarter.

Come explore the haunted history of the French Quarter as you learn about the real people and events that haunt us still.

This tour also takes you to some of the sites of the American Horror Story: Coven series and other paranormal shows filmed or set in
New Orleans including the upcoming Interview With The Vampire series. Come explore the amazing world
Anne Rice wrote about and see how she found New Orleans such an inspiration for her vampires and witches.

Private Ghost tour with
Rev. Master Jeffrey

Personal 2-hour Ghost tour
$150 for 2 ppl. $50 each additional person.
2 hour walking tour.

Tiss the Haunted Halloween season.
Avoid the groups of 28 ppl. per guide for an intimate, personal exploration of
‘The Most Haunted City in America.’

We assisted in the production of this, finding all the interviewees. Historian Jane, followed by Jeffrey. Robi the Voodoo Priest is a friend as well as Karen and the Haunted B&B. Thank you Axel!

“The Real Deal”

Scott Putesky aka
Daisy Berkowitz

At the Tomb of Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau with Scott aka Daisy Berkowitz, the founding member/ co-creator, and guitarist of Marilyn Manson.

Antique/ historic postcards of the infamous
‘Lalaurie Mansion’.

Antique vehicle seen on Anne Rice Interview With A Vampire

From the set of Interview with the Vampire TV series.
Royal Street in the French Quarter.

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