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The Unofficial Anne Rice Tour

Anne Rice’s Garden District

Anne Rice wrote so many stories and gave us some of the most incredible characters in her decades as a prolific writer. In this two-hour walking tour, you will see the neighborhood as Anne did. Go see the “Lestat House” where Anne wrote ‘Interview With A Vampire’ the book that made New Orleans home to the world’s most sexiest vampires. Your tour starts at The Chicory House where you can get refreshments and snacks before setting off to explore Anne’s former neighborhood. From there you  will see the famous ‘Skull Fence’ from the ‘Mayfair Witches’ as well as the house that is used for filming in the AMC series. You will see Anne’s childhood homes and learn how the tragedies and triumphs all became part of her literary legacy. All of this and more on the only tour to explore Anne Rice’s vampire and witch universe. 

Anne Rice’s French Quarter

Enter if you dare, the sordid and dangerous life of Anne Rice’s vampires. Your tour will take you through the heart of the French Quarter as you visit the sites of the book, the movies, and the AMC series. You will see the homes of Lestat and the neighborhood where they hunted. 

Your tour starts at Vacherie Coffee Shop where you can grab a refreshment, including a cocktail before hitting the streets where vampires roamed. This 2-hour leisurely walking tour is a must-do for any fan of the books, movies, and series. You will see the places that Anne wrote so descriptively as well as the buildings used to recreate Anne’s amazing stories. 

Anne Rice home from the Garden District tour

Explore The Sites Of Anne Rice, Vampires, & Witches

Anne Rice wrote an imaginative world of vampires and witches that was also a love letter to New Orleans and her Garden District neighborhood. You will visit many of the homes of Anne Rice and her vampires and witches as you explore this historic neighborhood. Your guide Jeffrey is not only a fan of Anne Rice, but she was his inspiration to leave the sunny beaches of South Florida for the narrow streets of the French Quarter. Jeffrey also was an extra in the ‘Mayfair Witches’ and has been a fan of Anne and her books and movies.

Your tour will be a deep dive into the literary and cinematic worlds of Anne Rice. You will visit the childhood homes of Anne, the houses where Anne wrote several of her books, and also the sites of both the movies and television series.

*Garden District Tour You will also visit Lafayette #1 above-ground cemetery where you will learn about our unique burial styles as well as the tombs used in the movies and during Anne’s infamous book signing.

Antique vehicle seen on Anne Rice Interview With A Vampire

Tour With Confidence And Safety

Your tour of the Garden District will be a small-group walking tour of no more than 12 people in a group, This allows you to have the safest and most enjoyable tour experience possible. These small groups give a better experience where you can easily hear and see the guide. Your tour will also have items from Jane and Jeffrey’s personal collection giving your tour an even more unique experience. 

If you have a group please contact us for group pricing and tours. Group tours allow us to tailor your tour to your group’s interests and schedules.

So when it is time to book your New Orleans walking tour experience, you can be confident that your tour with Strange True Tours will be the best tour possible.

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